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Coole Ps4 Spiele

"Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" | Odyssey ist ein grafisch umwerfendes PS4 Spiel, das euch in das Herz des alten Griechenland bringt und sich dabei schnell einen Platz in. Ihr habt euch eine Playstation 4 gekauft und wisst nicht was ihr spielen sollt? Hier findet ihr die 35 besten Spiele für Sonys Konsole.

PS4: Die 10 besten Spiele für die Playstation 4

Die Playstation 4 gilt als beste Konsole der aktuellen Generation – doch was sind die besten Spiele für die PS4? Wir stellen unsere Favoriten. "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" | "Red Dead Redemption 2" |

Coole Ps4 Spiele Best Anime games per platform Video

TOP 10 ► MEHR neue kostenlose Spiele 2020 - Free2play Games

PS4 - SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice - [PAL EU - NO NTSC] ESRB Rating: Adults Only | by SEKIRO PS4. out of 5 stars PlayStation 4 $ $ 81 $ $ The best 50 Anime games for Playstation 4 daily generated by our specialised A.I. comparing over 40 video games across all platforms. This list includes ONE PIECE World Seeker, MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE 2, MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE, River City Girls and 46 more for Playstation 4. -The lights are cool. The USB split is short, so we bought a $3 extension for the USB so he can plug the lights into his PS4 while he plays.-He loves that they are camo instead of plain black.-They work really well. He says he can hear well and others can hear him clear as well. The Last of Us has been rebuilt for the PlayStation4 system. Now featuring full p, higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, in addition to several other gameplay improvements. 20 years after a pandemic has radically changed known civilization, infected humans run wild and survivors are killing each other for food, weapons; whatever they can get their hands on. Die absolut besten PS4 Spiele gibt es hier. Diese Top 20 der besten Playstation 4 Games basiert nicht auf Geschmäckern, sondern auf harten Fakten. Die von Me. 6/30/ · Borderlands 3 is not only the critically-acclaimed third core installment in a fan-favorite series, but it is also a great multiplayer PS4 game with cool graphics and quite a few personalization options for characters. Published by 2K Games and rated M for Mature, this game is a 10/ 6/28/ · 3. Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time. Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, Linux, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Game genres: Action, platform Game modes: Single player, multiplayer This is a really fun co-op game. Throughout the journey, you and your friends will play as little aliens who move around controlling their spaceship. 8/17/ · Best PS4 Indie Games: A Hat in Time is charming, frequently gorgeous 3D platformer. Really though, what A Hat in Time’s narrative setup is an excuse for however, is some absolutely banging 3D Author: John-Paul Jones. Cookies akzeptieren Cookie-Einstellungen anpassen. Login loginname Profil bearbeiten Abonnierte Newsletter Abmelden. In unserer Liste präsentieren DГјnya KupasД± GruplarД± euch die 25 besten PS4-Games, die ihr jetzt spielen könnt - und solltet. Wird er geimpft.
Coole Ps4 Spiele "God of War" | Bei "God of War" geht es um die Geschichte eines Vater-Sohn-Gespanns. "Red Dead Redemption 2" | "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey" | "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" | See GameSpot's Apex Legends review. It's best played competitively with friends, cross-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other. At the end of the day though, it's your skills as a player that matter most! Helldivers requires a high level of understanding between the players to complete each stage. And for the first time ever, fans will feel Seefeld Casino electricity of a living stadium as the emotions of new 3D crowds rise Wm Heutige Spiele fall around the Playing Cards Shop on the pitch. Dive into the next chapter of the Final Fantasy XIV Online with its next expansion pack - Stormblood. Every Casino Celle defines you. School Prepaid Guthaben Online Casino in the city is full of surprises and interesting events! Final Fantasy VII Remake. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is a brand-new disc that includes all base content from the original Street Fighter V release, Arcade Mode and a code for Character Pass 1 and 2 content, which includes 12 playable characters and 12 premium costumes. Take up your sword and travel to Japans blood-bathed Sengoku period an era ravaged by warring states and dark, malevolent forces and cut a violent path through the land as the masterless samurai, William. Though the method of divining the acts, motivations and behavior of the characters that are inextricably tied to the narrative has changed, Tacoma still retains that same considered meditation on the human condition that Gone Kampf Spiel proffered.

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Cyberpunk Patch 1.

Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces. Now, in XCOM 2, the aliens rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface, while concealing a sinister agenda and eliminating all who dissent from their new order.

Only those who live at the edges of the world have a margin of freedom. Here, a force gathers once again to stand up for humanity. Always on the run, and facing impossible odds, the remnant XCOM forces must find a way to ignite a global resistance, and eliminate the alien threat once and for all.

Every battle defines you. Power up and build the ultimate version of your favorite DC legends in INJUSTICE 2.

With a massive selection of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, INJUSTICE 2 allows you to equip every iconic character with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game.

Experience an unprecedented level of control over how your favorite characters look, how they fight, and how they develop across a huge variety of game modes.

This is your super Hero. Your Journey. Your Injustice. You awaken, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles that challenge and surprise you.

You can't remember who you are, and you don't remember how you came to be here, but there's one thing you can do: explore the island in hope of discovering clues, regaining your memory, and somehow finding your way home.

The Witness is a single-player game in an open world with dozens of locations to explore and over puzzles to solve. This game respects you as an intelligent player and it treats your time as precious.

There's no filler; each of those puzzles brings its own new idea into the mix. Dead Cells puts you in control of a failed alchemic experiment trying to figure out what's happening on a sprawling, ever-changing and seemingly cursed Island.

Tough but fair combat, responsive controls, challenging foes, permadeath and of course, the emergency panic roll to get you out of trouble, make for a demanding, visceral and cathartic action game.

Experience a roguevania, mixing an interconnected world, branching paths and unlockable skills with the constant adrenaline-pumping threat of permadeath.

No checkpoints. You either vanquish the final boss in one go, or you try again. However, you keep some of your progress for successive runs; new paths you've unlocked, access to new levels, mutations, abilities and weapons.

Speaking of weapons, Dead Cells features a plethora of ways to slay your enemies. A large variety of swords, bows and of course spells, but also whips, grenades and turrets, each one with its own unique twist.

Plus, mutations and scrolls allow you to build and customize your character differently with each and every run.

At the end of the day though, it's your skills as a player that matter most! Roguelites are about constantly sharpening your skills, until what was an insurmountable obstacle becomes a walk in the park.

Patience, you'll get better! The unforgiving action wed to the absence of any kind of safety net makes for an adrenalin pumping ride each and every run.

Once unlocked, special permanent abilities allow you to access new paths to reach your objective. Opt for the path that suits your current build, your play style, or just your mood.

Take a moment to stroll the towers and breath in that fresh sea mist infused air. Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against historys greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

Long ago, we looked upon a foreboding sky. The memory of the star that threatened all burns eternal in our hearts. In its wake came an age of silence.

Yet with each fond remembrance, we knew those encountered were not forgotten, that some day we would see them again. Perhaps it was no more than wishful thinking.

But after the long calm, there are the beginnings of a stir. The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings.

For they are coming back. At last the promise has been made. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is a brand-new disc that includes all base content from the original Street Fighter V release, Arcade Mode and a code for Character Pass 1 and 2 content, which includes 12 playable characters and 12 premium costumes.

Run, jump and use astral projection to explore the many sides of town of Possum Springs and the surrounding environs. Waste time around town with your crew of nerd friends.

Acquire abilities that allow you to stroll into new areas. Unearth the secrets of a big cast of characters and the town itself. Experience a nutty world and the events unfolding there.

Play bass. Break stuff. After the success of the Xenoverse series, its time to introduce a new classic 2D DRAGON BALL fighting game for this generations consoles.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is born from what makes the DRAGON BALL series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its allpowerful fighters.

Partnering with Arc System Works, DRAGON BALL FighterZ maximizes high end Anime graphics and brings easy to learn but difficult to master fighting gameplay to audiences worldwide.

Batman confronts the ultimate threat against the city he has been sworn to protect. The Scarecrow returns to congeal an imposing array of super villains, including The Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn, to summarily destroy The Dark Knight.

The game introduces Rocksteady's uniquely-designed imagining of the Batmobile drivable for the first time in the franchise. Batman: Arkham Knight offers gamers a complete Batman experience as they rip through the streets and soar across the skyline of the iconic Gotham City.

This isn't the Spider-Man you've known before, or seen in a movie. This is an experienced Peter Parker who is more masterful in fighting major crimes in New York City.

At the same time he is struggling to balance his tumultuous personal life and career while the fate of nine million New Yorkers rests upon his shoulders.

In Okami, the player takes the role of the mythical sun goddess Amaterasu, in the form of a wolf. Her task is to restore color or 'life' to the world by destroying the monsters who have stolen it.

Since Amaterasu is a diety, there are naturally people who worship her and people who don't. The more people who worship her as a result of her restoring color and doing other good deeds for them , the more powerful she becomes.

TowerFall is an archery combat platformer for up to 4 players. It's a local party game centering around hilarious, intense versus matches.

The core mechanics are simple and accessible, but combat is fast and fierce. It's best played competitively with friends, cross-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other.

A legendary game series returns with an all-new adventure and in HD. Monster Boy is a colorful side-scrolling action adventure created in cooperation with Ryuichi Nishizawa, the creator of the famous Wonder Boy in Monster World series.

Monster Boy is being created to bring back the enjoyment of the classic games that shine by simplicity. Exciting gameplay, upbeat music and smooth graphics.

You'll need to overcome huge bosses, find hidden passages, discover powerful equipment and use all your wits and skills to remove a powerful curse.

Transform into 6 different creatures, each with their own skills and abilities. Take advantage of all the unique powers to open new paths and advance in an epic story.

Fuelled by EA SPORTS IGNITE, FIFA 14 feels alive with players who think, move, and behave like world-class footballers, and dynamic stadiums that come to life.

Players have four times the decision making ability and feel alive with human-like reactions, anticipation, and instincts. With 10 times more animation depth and detail than previous consoles, FIFA 14 delivers the dynamic movements and biomechanics of the worlds best footballers.

Players are agile and athletic as they plant, pivot and cut, and explode out of each step. The increased fidelity has a game-changing effect on gameplay.

Plus, the artistry and athleticism of footballers will come to life with the addition of hundreds of new types of skills and hundreds of new behaviors.

And for the first time ever, fans will feel the electricity of a living stadium as the emotions of new 3D crowds rise and fall around the stories on the pitch.

DOOM Eternal is the direct sequel to 's DOOM. Kirito must challenge the Seven Kings of pure color from the Accelerated World to gain access to her location.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, known in Japan as the Naruto: Narutimate Series , Naruto: Narutimetto Shirzu , is a series of fighting video games, based on the popular manga and anime series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, for the PlayStation 2.

In the Ultimate Ninja Series line, the player controls one of the characters within the Naruto anime and manga.

The first two games of the Ultimate Ninja series let players execute three different secret technique attacks using three different Chakra levels red, purple, and blue, in order of weakest to strongest , two different signature techniques, and a wide variety of kicks and punches.

However, in Ultimate Ninja 3, players are only allowed to use one secret technique attack, besides the other attacks and techniques.

Omega Force and Koei Tecmo's second outing in the Attack on Titan universe. Step into a hand-animated realm of wonder in which everyday objects take on a life of their own.

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 builds upon the highly popular DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE with enhanced graphics that will further immerse players into the largest and most detailed Dragon Ball world ever developed.

As servants, the player can run around on the battlefield and attack with strong or weak attacks; by using certain combinations of these, the player can trigger a combo attack.

The player can protect themselves from enemy attacks by guarding, or by avoiding the attack with an aerial dash.

The storyline, with Ms Croft venturing through Siberia in an attempt to complete her father's work in the lost city of Kitezh, doesn't scream originality but packs in some genuine shocks, while the platforming and zip-lining mechanics take Lara to heights she's never before reached — and not just figuratively.

Choose to pick it up on PS4 and you also get all previous DLC, a new co-op Endurance option, and Blood Ties single player content.

And you really should choose to pick it up. Don't worry though, there's a Stimpak for that. Giving the main character a proper voice adds an extra layer of polish to proceedings, and the expanded set of companions and customisation options are very welcome too.

Also consider: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Titanfall 2 is an absolute colossus of a game. It was one of the biggest surprises of , as it delivered a smart campaign and enhanced the killer mulitplayer of the original which was Xbox-only.

The story is overflowing with unique twists in a genre which long ago anchored itself in a sea of wash-rinse-repeat, offering true freedom while still retaining a sense of the familiar.

Its navigation and combat feel truly three-dimensional, and its big-gun battles are an adrenaline rush even Optimus Prime would struggle to contain.

The fun part is that the vehicle motion is quite hard to control. So, you will probably end up in weird positions which can be quite entertaining.

Plus, there are tons of different tracks and customizations that you can adjust to make the game funnier. OlliOlli2 is a perfect split-screen game for parties, especially those who love skateboarding.

You will play with your friends to see who will get the highest point. Depending on your performance, the system will determine who gets the highest score.

The controller is quite simple, but it could be quite complicated in terms of performing tricks and stuns. On top of that, you can die and lose everything.

This would make it a really competitive game to play. This is a really fun co-op game. Throughout the journey, you and your friends will play as little aliens who move around controlling their spaceship.

The purpose is to avoid obstacles, fight the enemies, and rescue your friends the other alien friends. This brilliant ARPG game shares a lot of similar features with Meta Slug.

In a lot of ways it feels like a coming out party for the Monster World series, which has always been huge in Japan, but has only flirted with success in the west.

Now it feels like everyone is talking about Monster Hunter, and with good reason. It takes what we already love about Monster Hunter and makes it more accessible and We've been used to playing Monster Hunter on underpowered handhelds.

Playing it on a big boy console just takes Monster Hunter to the stratosphere. See GameSpot's Monster Hunter: World review.

Probably the best video game remake ever. Evokes the spirit of the original Resident Evil 2 but doesn't feel creaky or dated. Works as an nostalgia piece but is also perfectly playable for newcomers.

It feels like a brilliant reworking of a type of game no-one really makes any more. See GameSpot's Resident Evil 2 review. Yes, this PS4 exclusive is one of the weirdest games in recent memory -- as you'd expect from Hideo Kojima, the iconoclast game impresario behind the Metal Gear Solid series.

And it was certainly divisive: We found this post-apocalyptic fetch quest to be mostly ponderous, while our colleagues at GameSpot gave it high marks.

See GameSpot's Death Stranding review. Doom Eternal rules. It's very much in the vein of the Doom reboot that launched in , but that's a good thing.

We say it's the most metal game ever made. Cool additions include all-new methods of maneuvering throughout the game's insanely violent universe.

Very cool stuff. See GameSpot's Doom Eternal review. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Track second stimulus check Newer COVID variant in NY Slack outage Google employees to form union Second stimulus check payments Space calendar for PS5 restock updates.

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Mark Serrels. The Last of Us Part 2.

Jump to details. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. God of War. Red Dead Redemption 2. An eminently enjoyable take on the Metroidvania formula, The Mummy Demastered frequently thrills with an array of massive bosses, great weapons and superb level design.

Oh, and it has a lovely little Dark Souls esque mechanic whereupon when you die, you must venture back to your now animated corpse and kill it to retrieve your gear.

Imagine, if you will, that somebody decided to stick The Secret of Monkey Island, Cluedo and Groundhog Day in a blender to see what would come out the other side.

Unable to prevent the first murder by gunshot, you soon realize that you can rewind time and stop the would-be assailant by removing the bullet and thus prevent the dastardly act from even occurring.

Hilariously offbeat and brilliantly well written, The Sexy Brutale is a scandalously good little game that stands as an easy recommendation for anyone looking to get their teeth into something a little different.

Set aboard a high tech space station in , Tacoma has players trying to piece together the events which lead to the disappearance of all of the crew.

As such, and very much like Gone Home before it, Tacoma is an narrative adventure predicated around exploring the past and the role that various individuals played in it.

Though the method of divining the acts, motivations and behavior of the characters that are inextricably tied to the narrative has changed, Tacoma still retains that same considered meditation on the human condition that Gone Home proffered.

With a deepening mystery, an array of compelling and evolving characters, Tacoma is one of the better narrative adventures you can get on PS4 right now.

Enter then Thimbleweed Park. Developed by Terrible Toybox, a team staffed full of veterans from the Lucasarts golden era, Thimbleweed Park does a stunning job of bringing those point and click games that we enjoyed kicking and screaming onto contemporary console hardware.

After a dead body has been discovered in the titular Thimbleweed Park, players must control and switch between five different characters in order to discover the truth as your conversation and puzzle solving skills are pushed to the absolute limit.

Charmingly stylised, beautifully odd and boasting some of the funniest writing seen in the last ten years, Thimbleweed Park not only provides a highly effectively blueprint for reinvigorating the classics of old, but it also makes a convincing case for being one of the very best adventure games you can get on PS4, too.

Shining a spotlight on the civilians caught in the crossfire of war rather than focusing solely on the soldiers as is typically the case , Bit Studios made something truly special with This War of Mine — The Little Ones.

Beginning in the confines of a shelled out multi-story house, each game in This War of Mine begins differently.

As a small clutch of three random civilians, you must scavenge around the house collecting whatever food you can as well as building materials to not only make the premises more secure, but to construct crucial equipment such as beds, cooking stoves and workbenches to name just a few of the important things you need to survive.

Once the sun goes down on any given day, you are then given the opportunity to go out to other buildings and dwellings to hunt for supplies and its here that This War of Mine reveals its grim underbelly; if one of your group is in dire need of medicine, do you steal it from an elderly man living by himself resulting in his slow death , or, do you let that member of your group suffer?

With the addition of children to care for hence The Little Ones subtitle and the constant push and pull of morality versus survival, rarely have the stakes ever felt higher or more emotionally resonant in a videogame.

A side-scrolling effort that calls on the classic heritage of titles such as Contra and Turrican, Valfaris is a brutal effort that somehow feels like a pitch perfect marriage of DOOM, Contra and heavy metal music.

More than just an eminently compelling mish mash of ideas and tropes, Valfaris is a hugely enjoyable genre effort that boasts enough disgusting enemies and awesome, badass weaponry to kill them for days as the whole thing thunders along to a thumping heavy metal soundtrack.

Simply put, Valfaris is better Contra game than anything Konami has come up with in the last decade.

School life in Rubiks Anleitung city is full of surprises and interesting events! Nier: Automata deserves your attention at the very least. This game is wild. It is in this harsh, unforgiving world that he must fight to survive… Today Lottery teach his son to do the same. Game Releases by Score Filter: All Time Last 90 Days All Time By Year.

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